Lavender Bear Heat Pack

Lavender Bear Heat Pack

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Lavender Bear Heat Packs are popular novelty comfort aids for relaxation and pain relief. Originally from England, there have been many different variations in the world market place since 1996.  

Our own Lavender House Microwaveable Bear, Larry Lavender, can be washed if necessary and refilled. Simply unzip and empty out the filling or top up with fresh lavender.  

Larry is made from high quality, fully lined, fur fabric in a soft lavender colour. He carries our registered name and logo plus instructions for use tag.  

Please note that we do not use wheat as filler.

We prefer to use an ODOURLESS grain that has been HEAT STERILISED combined with gently air dried pure and naturally fragrant lavender flowers.


DO NOT OVERHEAT. Follow the  instruction label carefully. Always air well before safe storage.  The natural grain used in Larry has been heat sterilised by us and Larry has been protected by careful wrapping.                            

The natural grain will be attractive to insect and rodents. Microwaving regularly will re-sterilise the grain against insect attack

Further aids to combine with massage and to assist with relaxation and pain relief are Shearers Crook Back Bee-Balm,  After Sport Soother or Lavender Massage Cream  and sometimes an Aromatherapy Sleep Sac will help soothe you to sleep.

 size- 30cm  

720g approx.  A very comfortable weight.

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